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Review: Georgia Aquarium

Posted: May 26, 2014 by Teen Contributor in Blog, Places, Review
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by Dustyn

Going to Georgia aquarium was pretty cool with Lighthouse Academy. It was a great way to blow off steam after testing and a  very stressful week, and  knowing  that schools going to be over in another few days.

It was very interesting I love seeing the fish in the tunnels and being able to go to the  Penguin habitat. We saw so many interesting things there and got to participate in some really cool stuff.

It’s really interesting hearing about the habitats of the animals as well as what they eat and being able to feed them.
We even got to go backstage and see the shark whale he was extremely huge!!  We got to eat lunch there and then we were privileged to see a movie. Of course it was all about the ocean in the fan switch is very interesting.

All in all it was a really great day, I love learning interesting new things.

Would love to go back with my family. My parents have never been and my mom loves nature and animals. This would be a great treat for them.
I like to give things a grade so this one I give A+