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Day 6: Shoot Me #kpop #Day6 #greatmusic

Posted: June 28, 2018 by Ashley in Blog, Music, Review
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You can turn on closed caption to get the lyrics. An awesome song with a great message.

One more new #kpop group #MASC @winsMASC @whatthekpop

Posted: September 21, 2016 by Ashley in Blog, Music, Review
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You can find a lot of kpop by simply going to youtube and putting kpop into the search bar.  You can also go to Spotify and there are playlists out there to sample.  If you want more info on the groups, you can check out What the K-Pop (I’ve mentioned her before).  She’s a local to my area that’s pretty plugged in to the K-Pop scene.

This one is a brand new group, they’ve only released their debut song.  I can’t wait until they release more.

Being a mom and enjoying kpop #KNK

Posted: August 31, 2016 by Ashley in Blog, Music, Review
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So, with the effort my daughter made over the summer to introduce me to k-pop, I thought I’d step back in and feature a couple I found.  This week’s feature is a group called KNK.  They debuted in June of this year.


If you want information about KPop, I met the girl running this site at MomoCon.  It’s a good resource for finding more information about the groups and KPop in general.  The link is on facebook, she was working on the real site at the time I created this post. 🙂

So, while the teens are doing their own thing, I still find things from them to share.   It’s just an erratic thing until I find a whole sequence of things to share.  This summer is the summer of the KPop and the things I learn while my daughter is willing to share.  This group is considerably bigger than the other KPop groups.  Most have 7, this one started with 17 but currently has 13.