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So, while the teens are doing their own thing, I still find things from them to share.   It’s just an erratic thing until I find a whole sequence of things to share.  This summer is the summer of the KPop and the things I learn while my daughter is willing to share.  This group is considerably bigger than the other KPop groups.  Most have 7, this one started with 17 but currently has 13.

Another one of the girl KPop groups.  They actually had a panel at MomoCon that was teaching the dance for the chorus line on this one.


KPop = Korean Pop

So, this is a parent looking at KPop as a generic movement.  My first thoughts when I started watching the videos and hearing the music was that it reminded me of the boy groups in the 80s and 90s.  The big difference, though, is that it looks like Korea has a farm plan going for these groups.  Kind of like baseball with the pro teams having their AAA teams farming the upcoming stars out.  They create new groups fairly regularly, to replace those that aren’t gaining the attention (or that have members that retire), though they also use the farms to replace members of groups.  Knowing that, I’m not sure what to think about the kids that retire or go to “normal” life after being a KPop star.  Hopefully, they aren’t just dropped to figure out the world after growing up in the music industry.

At any rate, if you can get past the language barrier, the music itself is reasonably enjoyable.  Assuming, of course, that you don’t mind girl/boy group pop music.  If you go to youtube, you can, of course, search kpop and find all sorts of groups.  There are a lot of them.  I’m highlighting the ones my daughter thinks should be mentioned, except for this one which came across my newsfeed and I decided to add in.

My daughter enjoys the girl groups, but not as much as the boy groups.  She says it’s the speed/tempo/beat of the music?  Something like that.  I’m trying to interpret teen, so, forgive me if something is lost in translation.  Anyway, here’s a sample from one of the girl groups.

Probably not the best choice of videos for this particular songs, but the official video for the song is rather depressing.  I figured a performance type would be a better option.  This is my daughter’s favorite KPop group.  Now that we know they tour (see post about Got7), we’ll be on the watch to try not to miss these guys if they come through.  This is also the first KPop song my daughter played for me.