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Day 6: Shoot Me #kpop #Day6 #greatmusic

Posted: June 28, 2018 by Ashley in Blog, Music, Review
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You can turn on closed caption to get the lyrics. An awesome song with a great message.

My daughter and I get the Korea Box subscription box (well, more my daughter than me).  It’s a great way to get some of the fan treasures for KPop groups you like.  She generally includes a couple of snacks as well.  This time it was peanut cookies.  There was also a gel mask.  The groups we got this time included Twice, Got7, Monsta X, and BTS.  I kept the mask for me and we’ll see how many cookies I get.  For the most part, the rest went to my daughter.

If you’re not into K-Pop, but like Korea, they have a snack box and other alternatives as well.

One more new #kpop group #MASC @winsMASC @whatthekpop

Posted: September 21, 2016 by Ashley in Blog, Music, Review
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You can find a lot of kpop by simply going to youtube and putting kpop into the search bar.  You can also go to Spotify and there are playlists out there to sample.  If you want more info on the groups, you can check out What the K-Pop (I’ve mentioned her before).  She’s a local to my area that’s pretty plugged in to the K-Pop scene.

Teens without electronics viewed through K-Pop #KNK

Posted: September 14, 2016 by Ashley in Blog, Humor
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They’re on a “mission” – survive 12 hours without electronics.  In their cases, it’s cell phones.  I can just see many of the teens I know reacting like this (if not worse), funny to see through the eyes of K-Pop group KNK.  (These guys are in their early twenties, fyi..)

Fortunately for me, my two teens are good without electronics.  Can you and yours?

This one is a brand new group, they’ve only released their debut song.  I can’t wait until they release more.

Being a mom and enjoying kpop #KNK

Posted: August 31, 2016 by Ashley in Blog, Music, Review
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So, with the effort my daughter made over the summer to introduce me to k-pop, I thought I’d step back in and feature a couple I found.  This week’s feature is a group called KNK.  They debuted in June of this year.


If you want information about KPop, I met the girl running this site at MomoCon.  It’s a good resource for finding more information about the groups and KPop in general.  The link is on facebook, she was working on the real site at the time I created this post. 🙂