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We heard about this via What the K-pop on Facebook.  We went out to explore and came home with goodies.  Monsta X’s Trespass (for me),  Mamamoo’s Memory (for my daughter), and EXO’s Lotto (for my daughter’s friend).  I also snuck in a Monsta X tumbler while I was at it.

The shop, KPop Music Depot,  is new and still getting in more stuff.  It’s convenient for us as it isn’t too far to go (it’s in Suwanee).  The couple is very nice and generous.  They were quick to admit that they don’t know as much about the genre, but they’re happy to learn.  Swing by to check it out. 

My daughter and I get the Korea Box subscription box (well, more my daughter than me).  It’s a great way to get some of the fan treasures for KPop groups you like.  She generally includes a couple of snacks as well.  This time it was peanut cookies.  There was also a gel mask.  The groups we got this time included Twice, Got7, Monsta X, and BTS.  I kept the mask for me and we’ll see how many cookies I get.  For the most part, the rest went to my daughter.

If you’re not into K-Pop, but like Korea, they have a snack box and other alternatives as well.

For the k-pop addicted #KoreaBox #kpop 

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For those that know me, I like subscription boxes.  For my daughter’s birthday, I purchased a K-Pop box.   It came in this week.  My daughter like it, though I don’t know that she was as excited as I’d hoped she would be.
For your reference, you do let them know who your preferred groups are.  For my daughter it’s first and foremost BTS, followed by GOT7 and Seventeen. 

We got a nice handwritten letter with the goodies.  The snacks were “extras” that were thrown in.  Take that away and the box consisted of a tumbler and what seems to be a silk hankie/display cloth.

Considering the price of the box and that I wasn’t charged extra for international shipping, it seems to have been a pretty fair exchange.  We’ll try it again next month to see what comes across.  Then decide if it was worth the money.

True Colors

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