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Recently, we went to MomoCon. What is Momocon? It’s a convention here in Georgia. It’s a gaming and anime convention, and it is [in the future] a four day convention over memorial day weekend.

Whilist we were at MomoCon, I met some good people that were very nice and willing to talk. There were some who asked for pictures and others who wanted pictures with you. May it be you were in cosplay or not, there were always people who were willing to stop and help you around or introduce you to others. The crowds may be big, but it’s definitely worth going to.

A few things that were noted – you know that you’re at a convention when your spotpass [on 3ds] goes wild. What I mean by that is if you walk around with it on, you will receive a load of people who will enter themselves into your 3ds. Another thing you can tell just by the visual effect you see from people is that everyone brings their ds – seeing a long line of people with it out can prove this point.

The dealers room was cool – seeing the stuff that most people don’t have and seeing those stores you remember. The problem with going into that room is limiting yourself to what you buy. [Sadly, I couldn’t do that.] The artists alley was also a nice area – finding and being able to get the art that people drew/painted/other themselves is probably one of the best things that could happen.

Overall, I really liked the convention. While I may not have much to say because I don’t know how to put them into words, there’s lots more to tell. It would be easier just to go and see it yourself!! [Preordering your passes is easiest – don’t wait until the door price to get them] I hope to see you there next year!

Review: Georgia Aquarium

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by Dustyn

Going to Georgia aquarium was pretty cool with Lighthouse Academy. It was a great way to blow off steam after testing and a  very stressful week, and  knowing  that schools going to be over in another few days.

It was very interesting I love seeing the fish in the tunnels and being able to go to the  Penguin habitat. We saw so many interesting things there and got to participate in some really cool stuff.

It’s really interesting hearing about the habitats of the animals as well as what they eat and being able to feed them.
We even got to go backstage and see the shark whale he was extremely huge!!  We got to eat lunch there and then we were privileged to see a movie. Of course it was all about the ocean in the fan switch is very interesting.

All in all it was a really great day, I love learning interesting new things.

Would love to go back with my family. My parents have never been and my mom loves nature and animals. This would be a great treat for them.
I like to give things a grade so this one I give A+

by Dustyn
This is a place we have passed many times. Mom has said she has wanted to go there for about 11yrs and we never have. So on our way back from Braselton we stopped in and checked it out.
It was pretty amazing.
Its open 7 days a week 24 hours a day. They have people come in and night fish as well as those who practice for tournaments there. It’s a privately owned lake so no fishing permits required and you can spend all day there and picnic as well keep fishing for one price.
I had a ball with my family and my friend Thomas who has only fished one time.  Mom had to help him cause he was trying to cast his rod upside down and not hit the release button.
We spent almost three hours there and we had a good time. There were huge fish jumping out of the water and we were trying to catch those. A cat fish was caught and put on the pole to show how large they are in there. It was at least 20 inches long.
The other cool thing was the wildlife. We were able to be up close to Turkey  Buzzards who were waiting on a tasty worm treat or a fish or two. To see one up close was pretty cool.
We plan on going back again but with a full meal to cook on the grill and just enjoy the whole day there. If you like to fish and want to stay close to the area this is the place to go.   Great friendly atmosphere and full stocked pond.  Although I do think the fish are smarter than us at times. They have figured out to eat the side of the hook to get the worm.
Rating Twin Bridges Lake  an  A
Big D
(I was the only one that caught a small catfish. I released him)

Review: Stone Summit Climbing part 2

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Knots used in belaying

This post was compensated, the opinion belongs to the teen poster. Submitted by Robert.

Stone Summit climbing is rock climbing inside.  If you have not rock climbed by “belaying” before then they can give you lessons on how to do so.  I, personally had fun while I was there, but be warned that belaying takes a LOT of effort and energy  and climbing can give you blisters on your hands and feet.   If you like rock climbing or want to start, Summit climbing has only one location in the state of Georgia.  The climbing is fun and a good way to exercise your muscles. I would give Summit Climbing an 8 out of 10.  Even though the climbing is fun, you still have to have a friend to do some of the harder courses that they have.

IMG_2652I am not a brave person.  Really I’m not.  The tiniest roller coasters at Six flags, I won’t even go near and when it comes to horror films, Doctor Who is about as close as I get.  But somehow when I’m up on a rock fall 50 feet in the air, I’m never afraid. Since most of my experience comes from Girl Scout camps, I’d never had a proper class in belaying and tying all of the ropes and the real details of it.  That’s why I was so excited when the opportunity came up for a free belaying class from Stone Summit Climbing!  The instructor was very thorough and really made sure that I understood every part. I think his favorite thing to say was, “Good, now do it again,” Really though, I liked that I knew how to exactly tie all of the knots and how to belay someone. After our class we all got to climb wherever we wanted to.  There are so many different levels all around the gym that even if you’re an expert or a total beginner you’ll still be able to climb there.  If you’ve always wanted to see what it’s like to climb nearly 60 feet in the air you need to try Summit Climbing.