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I’ve been a member of the Hogwarts Running Club for a while now.  All of their virtual runs go to support various charities.  I don’t get the chance to do many of their runs, but this one stood out so I thought I’d mention it.  With family members that suffer through depression regularly, it hits closer to home.  The run is called The Unmasked – 10M Run for your life.  While it is Harry Potter themed, this run supports a charity called To Write Love on Her Arms and help TWLOHA’s mission of “pointing to hope and help and investing in treatment and recovery” for those suffering from depression, anxiety, self-injury and suicide. Learn more at!

You can find more information about the run through the Hogwarts Running Club facebook page.  You can register for the run through –…/registration/unmasked-10m-april-31348


Recently, we went to MomoCon. What is Momocon? It’s a convention here in Georgia. It’s a gaming and anime convention, and it is [in the future] a four day convention over memorial day weekend.

Whilist we were at MomoCon, I met some good people that were very nice and willing to talk. There were some who asked for pictures and others who wanted pictures with you. May it be you were in cosplay or not, there were always people who were willing to stop and help you around or introduce you to others. The crowds may be big, but it’s definitely worth going to.

A few things that were noted – you know that you’re at a convention when your spotpass [on 3ds] goes wild. What I mean by that is if you walk around with it on, you will receive a load of people who will enter themselves into your 3ds. Another thing you can tell just by the visual effect you see from people is that everyone brings their ds – seeing a long line of people with it out can prove this point.

The dealers room was cool – seeing the stuff that most people don’t have and seeing those stores you remember. The problem with going into that room is limiting yourself to what you buy. [Sadly, I couldn’t do that.] The artists alley was also a nice area – finding and being able to get the art that people drew/painted/other themselves is probably one of the best things that could happen.

Overall, I really liked the convention. While I may not have much to say because I don’t know how to put them into words, there’s lots more to tell. It would be easier just to go and see it yourself!! [Preordering your passes is easiest – don’t wait until the door price to get them] I hope to see you there next year!