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[Accidental] Hiatus over

Posted: January 22, 2015 by rosie in Informational

Hey everyone, it’s Carolyn. I actually had no idea how long it had been since we had posted things. Please do forgive me, and I can hope that I, personally, will make more posts. I have no idea if anyone else will, but I certainly will do my best to keep up with what’s going on. If I do, in fact, take over, I’ll create a list of things to post for each day. So! Until then! Thanks for putting up with the accidental hiatus, due to school.

Recently, we went to MomoCon. What is Momocon? It’s a convention here in Georgia. It’s a gaming and anime convention, and it is [in the future] a four day convention over memorial day weekend.

Whilist we were at MomoCon, I met some good people that were very nice and willing to talk. There were some who asked for pictures and others who wanted pictures with you. May it be you were in cosplay or not, there were always people who were willing to stop and help you around or introduce you to others. The crowds may be big, but it’s definitely worth going to.

A few things that were noted – you know that you’re at a convention when your spotpass [on 3ds] goes wild. What I mean by that is if you walk around with it on, you will receive a load of people who will enter themselves into your 3ds. Another thing you can tell just by the visual effect you see from people is that everyone brings their ds – seeing a long line of people with it out can prove this point.

The dealers room was cool – seeing the stuff that most people don’t have and seeing those stores you remember. The problem with going into that room is limiting yourself to what you buy. [Sadly, I couldn’t do that.] The artists alley was also a nice area – finding and being able to get the art that people drew/painted/other themselves is probably one of the best things that could happen.

Overall, I really liked the convention. While I may not have much to say because I don’t know how to put them into words, there’s lots more to tell. It would be easier just to go and see it yourself!! [Preordering your passes is easiest – don’t wait until the door price to get them] I hope to see you there next year!

I know there are a lot of people out there [like me] who don’t have the money or the time to either buy costumes or make them. There are a few things you can do. Here are some steps.

1) Figure out who you want to cosplay as

2) Look in your closet or someone else’s to see if you have anything even //slightly// related to what they wear

3) If they do, take it out and see what you can do

I’ve noticed that a lot of people seem to be like “what do I do next?” Well, you build it up! If you need props, you can use a lot of materials! For a staff, I used pvc pipes and paint! Making a bow is easy as well – just use a wire as a base and use newspaper to wrap around it. Editing a lot of clothes is actually fairly simple.  I’ve created a costume out of pure materials I found at home – A jacket, duct tape, pants and a shirt. Simple, right? You just have to have the materials to edit said outfit and be able to do that from now on.

Another thing – if you’re going to cosplay, you need makeup. Male or female. It can be used to make the face clearer, or just to make it look a lot more like said character. Eyeliner is basic – also some skin toning might help.

Now, as it comes for wigs if you’re going to use them. Keep them in a container and away from animals. If they’re a long wig, make sure to keep them in a plastic bag so they don’t tangle themselves up with the other wigs [if you have any other]


Overall, it just comes down to time and hard work. Don’t put what you’re working on until last and make sure you have everything completed by the time you need to use it.

radloffby Dustyn

First off let me say that it’s a great program. The only way you cannot succeed is by not doing it.  It was created to help those kids who are smart and struggling with one area. If you fail a certain area in middle school you are then not allowed to go to high school until that criteria is met.
This Academy is letting me correct the one area where I didn’t meet the standards, but I did only miss it by a few points.  I have been able to take 9th and 10th grade studies and to experience a smaller group session to learn and to be a little more advanced.
I am not stupid by any means. I just at times have a hard way of expressing myself. I have been been blessed with great teachers here at the Academy and able to work with some of my faves from middle school.
The work is done on the computer as well as in class so you get a great mixture of cyber school and regular.  I have been called the “Smart Saltine.”  I am actually cool with that. I take it as a compliment!  I am excited and hope to achieve great things by the end of this year.
Light House Academy has given kids like me a chance to keep going rather than being held back.
The work here is difficult at times but he teachers make all the difference with dedication and great attitudes.
I hope the kids here realize how lucky they really are to be here.  They are given something that others wish they could have had.
Radloff Middle School is really leading the way for others to go by.   The light house is a perfect reflection of what they represent.

Source: Allstate Newsroom

This is something I have thought about quite a bit recently, as many of my friends at school don’t know these, or chose not to know them. As such if you wish to, possibly, do better in school, here are some tips.

1) Study smart- this one should be obvious, as it is said quite a bit. This tip can be linked to one of my teacher’s favorite phrases, ‘Work smarter, not harder’ study the things you need to know, not what you see as obvious.

2) Ask for Help- If you don’t know something then ask about it. Many of my friends say, “Oh, I didn’t know the quadratic formula.” If you know that it exists, but don’t know it, ask, most teachers (or parents) are happy to help.

3) Take Responsibility- Don’t say “My teacher gave me an F on a test.” Your teacher didn’t give you that grade, you did it yourself. Finish work on time and well, then you will earn a better grade.

4) Try to be on time- Many schools have a tardy punishment system, it could mean ISS, OSS, or suspension/expulsion from school. Even without that, People who arrive on time will end up learning more than those who don’t.

5) Don’t let yourself fail- Those who think “I will fail science this semester even if I try.” are even more likely to fail than those who think “If I work smart/hard, then I will pass.”

If you are struggling (in any grade or class) then use these tips to pass, and push those grade back into passing ranges.


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