Learning about #KPop starting with Got7 @GOT7Official

Posted: June 1, 2016 by Ashley in Blog, Education, Informational, Just for Teens, Music, Review, Tween
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My daughter is very much into KPop.  She’s been slowly introducing me to the music since I got my Jeep.  Why then?  She can plug her phone into my car and share her music through the car’s stereo.  She learned recently that one of the top groups (Got7) is coming to Atlanta.  By the time we found out, though, the show was effectively sold out. The only tickets we’re finding now are $300+ per person, so that’s a no go.  However, I decided it would be a good place to start and introduce the rest of the parents who, like me, are somewhat clueless as to what it is the kids are enjoying but interested in hearing about it.

This is the title track from their upcoming tour – Fly

  1. mitzi denny says:

    very cool.. Yes I have heard of them and some others that are local bands that I was not aware of. Pretty cool learning from your kids… isnt it…

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