Sorry for the interlude

Posted: December 14, 2015 by Ashley in Blog

The teens have all wandered away and are doing their own thing.  I haven’t been able to track themMP900385964 down and get them to write, so we’ve had a very large interlude.  I apologize.  I will attempt to pick back up from the parent’s point of view.  I started last Friday with a post about teens and depression.  Depression is real for teens and I want to put it out there.  So  I’ll be continuing to post once weekly for now, with information that I find to bring awareness to parents (and teens) about depression.

In the meantime, elections offices are looking for folks to work.  Gwinnett has changed it’s rules in order to accommodate more teens working.  Something for teens (home schooled and otherwise) to keep in mind.


  1. mitzi gibson denny says:

    My teen has stories he just can’t remember how to do it haha

  2. mitzi says:

    wow that is really cool with have to do this.

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