From A Meadowcreek High School student

Posted: September 14, 2014 by Ashley in Blog, Just for Teens
Coming from the program over at Radloff I was a little nervous. Well lets face it I was a lot nervous. I hadn’t been to high school and never imagined it would be like this. Even though parents and teachers had confidence in me I must admit I was shaking a little in mine.
I never imagined the length of day and fast pace as well as loooooong walks to get to class. Its like running a race during the day and getting educated at the same time.
I had a chance to be in A.P classes when it first started but I didn’t have a clue to what they were trying to explain to me. My parents found out about it and went to the school but after the first two weeks of school it closes out and you are not longer eligible to enter into those classes.
Now that I know I will be better prepared for next yr.  I am in STEM and I do have my study skills class right  at the middle /end of day so I can bust out my  home work then or most of it and then have little to do that night or in am.
I have great teachers and all are excited about learning. I had my first real project and I chose Maus. Its about the holocaust  and I found it both disturbing and interesting. I knew about it growing up as both parents love history but seeing it detailed from some one who lived it was and eye opener.  This is one thing we must learn from.
I had to do a report , write a letter to the author and I had to do a poem as well as an advertising poster to try to get the others to read the book.
I have not heard how my grade went but praying and hoping that it got the A!!!
The school as a whole is not bad. A lot of stuff goes on that the teachers are trying to control and they say its one of the better yrs. There is always some one trying to start a fight or bad mouthing some one else and to me that is not cool at all. We are here for an education not cattle or thug mentality and we need to focus on our grades and work. We are the leaders of the future and if we do not take advantage of it now and control those things we need to then how are we going to do it then?
Young men need to be that young men and young ladies need to be that, young ladies. I know I sound like my mom here but its true. Sometimes we do not see what they are trying to tell us until something happens either to us or some one else and then the light bulb comes on …. ding… yeah that’s what she meant ok I get it now. I do see how  parents need to be involved in the kids lives. I see how it affects others around me who do not have parents active in their lives and how it affects the thinking and how lack of support makes them feel less than what they are.  Makes me sad.
So far so good with this school yr. Even riding the bus is new for me!! I have always been a car rider. We have lived so close to the schools just made sense. I mean I did ride the day care buses to elementary school when I was little but mom would get me after work and wed head home. Dad would always take us to school and mom pick us up.   Its cool to be with friends from my subdivision on there.
So its cool so far and learning a lot as well as making new friends and enjoying my old ones!!!
I hope your school is fabulous and you are enjoying it as much as I am.
Dustyn Denny

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