Drew Chadwick Left Emblem3 and I Don’t Know What To Do

Posted: June 22, 2014 by Shelby B in Blog, Music

I wish I had posted about Emblem3 before because they really are so good. They put so much work into every song and they are so talented. I bought their deluxe album “Nothing To Lose” on a complete whim and then as usual became obsessed.  They are so perfect because while they are so talented, they aren’t very well known so they can be my own little secret.  Each one of them brings something different to the group with their own skills and personality.  Their songs are truly beautiful and meaningful. (especially Jaiden check out the live version, it’s the best) But I guess all of that’s over now.  Drew (my personal favorite) has officially left the band to start his own solo career and as much as Keaton and Wesley say they are staying together and Emblem3 isn’t over, a part of it is. I’m sure they will keep making music and I’ll love it too, but it won’t be the same. A piece of the creative writing process is gone. A piece of the on-stage fun is gone. Most important to me, such a beautiful voice is gone. They never got the chance to really become a huge band so a lot of people either didn’t notice or don’t care, but I know that so many people did. While I’m happy for Drew if he thinks this is the best move for him, I’m also incredibility shocked and worried about the other boys.  I already miss him.

  1. Michele says:

    I have been following E3 since the first time I ever saw them on X Factor//votes all the way through. I am from So Cal close to HB and also lived in WA State for 4 yrs right off of highway 2 where Drew and his buds boarded in the winter at Stevens Pass…what an insane place to ski….
    Anyways so now I live 30 min from Venice Beach and again I feel like they are right in my backyard ..so to say. As soon as they were at the Universal city Walk I stood in the cold December to see them. When they came to Club Nokia in LA I made sure I was there…………..WHY DREW did you leave your brothers so soon. I am so sad you are robbing your fans because you quit right at the start of “Fireside” which I planned to buy a 100.00 ticket for the one in LA. I know this area so well that I looked it up and is a totally HOT open one floor “cozy” 200 people venue with full window view area over looking toward downtown.I could just see the sun shining in through the basically ALL window area…how beautiful since it was planned to be a daytime campfire ..la de da. …but You will not be there ..how can you do that to all your fans that have followed you .voted for you when you were on X Factor. I rode past the Westerly on my bike and down Venice boardwalk and saw the guy the master piano player you posted on instagram…reflecting you were just here You guys just were getting started …the combination is what made E3…WHY It’s not just you or Wes or Keton all of you make E3. I do not understand, You must know this is hurting them also but they would NEVER come out and say it because they love you as a brother, Your young ,,talented but at the the start of a great career of “E3” how do you know what would ever would have been ,,,leaving it. I completely do not understand, Just wish you would have given it more time …your energy onstage together is what made it and your fans will never be the same after this ….the fact you could skip out on your brothers and your fans in the beggining of a tour for a solo when this is only your second one..(outside of Selina Gomez) ..are you for real!! This is gonna bite you …do you think after this after thousands of people listened to Sunset Blvd..and all the E3 hits that it will be thousands showing up for a solo…I do not think so. I still love you no matter what but I am very dissapointed ..you should have at least waited until after a “PLANNED” paid for by many fans and posted tour dates and then FLAKE at the last minute …post it on twitter and change your twitter feed name too…..insane, You always talk about going against the grain in the media ..and not being controlled by labels…but how TOTALLY unprofessional is that as a statement to EVERYONE.
    I love all the humanitarian things your representing…I do all that too..the wales,,the sea lions and dolphins too. But Drew get back with your brothers on tour before its toooooo late and figure all the other stuff out later. You can still produce solo songs without a total split REALLY.

  2. Payton says:

    Why isn’t Draw Chadwick in Emblem3 anymore

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