Music: Ghost Town

Posted: June 13, 2014 by Shelby B in Blog

How have I not written about them yet? Ghost Town is one of those artists that perfectly describe you without even knowing you.  Their music is like nothing else I’ve heard. They seem at first like a hardcore/punk rock band, but then they’ll throw in an epic dub step solo in the middle of a song!  They have such a unique sound because they have the elements of a rock band but also drum and bass. They look so odd in videos and on stage because it’s the lead singer, bass, guitar, drum, and  then the seemingly random sound board. Ghost Town just has so many different parts in it from rock to dub step to a bit of screamo. They’re just a cool band.  Plus they’re coming out with a new album in less than a week!

  1. nmbeland24 says:

    They’re truly awesome! I saw them last year during the BryanStars Tour when they weren’t overly popular and it’s amazing to see how much they’ve blossomed in such a small amount of time! A month or two ago I saw their t-shirt at Hot Topic and they’re touring (at least a little) with Warped Tour this year too!

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