Formal Logic

Posted: May 21, 2014 by Brenten in Activities, Blog, Local

SpringFormal2014 (2)This month I went to my first Formal High School Dance.  There are many different items a guy must do before he can go to a formal dance, the first of which is to invite a girl and then buy the tickets.

After these things have been done, there are multiple things to do the week before the dance. First, find out what color dress she is wearing, then find something nice to wear, either a suit or a tuxedo, that matches what she will be wearing. Go to a store that sells wrist corsages and order one that matches her dress. Flowers for dances can be found in many stores that sell flowers. I went to Publix. If there is trouble finding an exact color match for her dress, the florist can usually help with that. Make sure that you have dinner reservations for a nice restaurant, and also make sure you can pay for the most expensive thing on the menu, but hope she does not order it. Remember that you invited her, so you should pay for what needs to be paid for.

You should also ensure you have a method of transportation. There are also things to do the day of the dance, for instance you need to pick up her corsage, remember to keep it in the refrigerator, and then remember to take it out of the refrigerator.

Make sure you are ready well in advance, which means you should be showered and dressed at least an hour or two before you go to pick her up. Then you pick her up, and go to the restaurant.

Parents may want to go somewhere to take pictures of the two of you, so make sure you allow time for that. At the dance you need to make sure she is having fun, and you also need to have fun yourself. There will probably be snacks, but do not overeat. Things to do after the dance. After my dance was over, we were asked to help clean up the mess that was made, so you may be asked to do the same. You should drive her home. 

Her parents may want to talk to you and ask how it was, so remember to smile and be polite, and thank her for going with you. Thank her parents for letting her go with you. Thank your parents for letting you go with her. Thank your driver for driving you, and thank God for a wonderful night.


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