Light House Academy: In Radloff Middle School

Posted: April 17, 2014 by Teen Contributor in Blog, Education, For Parents, Informational, Just for Teens, School

radloffby Dustyn

First off let me say that it’s a great program. The only way you cannot succeed is by not doing it.  It was created to help those kids who are smart and struggling with one area. If you fail a certain area in middle school you are then not allowed to go to high school until that criteria is met.
This Academy is letting me correct the one area where I didn’t meet the standards, but I did only miss it by a few points.  I have been able to take 9th and 10th grade studies and to experience a smaller group session to learn and to be a little more advanced.
I am not stupid by any means. I just at times have a hard way of expressing myself. I have been been blessed with great teachers here at the Academy and able to work with some of my faves from middle school.
The work is done on the computer as well as in class so you get a great mixture of cyber school and regular.  I have been called the “Smart Saltine.”  I am actually cool with that. I take it as a compliment!  I am excited and hope to achieve great things by the end of this year.
Light House Academy has given kids like me a chance to keep going rather than being held back.
The work here is difficult at times but he teachers make all the difference with dedication and great attitudes.
I hope the kids here realize how lucky they really are to be here.  They are given something that others wish they could have had.
Radloff Middle School is really leading the way for others to go by.   The light house is a perfect reflection of what they represent.
  1. mtizi says:

    awesome.. all the teens on here that contribute are fantastic and love to talk about what they know.
    Its such a great site…

  2. Karen Anderson-Archer M.Ed. says:

    When first approached about teaching in the Lighthouse Academy; I must admit that I was reluctant! I’ve been in the field of education for quite some time and I’ve taught students from various walks of life. However, it was something about this assignment that made me think I was not up for the challenge! I must admit I could have never been so wrong about a career decision. Dustyn you are right … this school year has proven that as a team “WE CAN DO ANYTHING”. I’ve had the honor of teaching some of the brightest and most dedicated student s to learning EVER! I’ve had the honor of working with a remarkable team of teachers; whose passion for teaching and dedication to what we do each and every day is astounding. As the year comes to a close, I look at this group of scholars and my heart swells with pride at their many accomplishments and the obstacles so, many of them have overcome. And it is for this reason that any challenges I faced have become a distant memory. Yes, I was made for this … my Purpose in life has truly become my Passion. I teach to touch lives forever! I teach to make a difference in the lives I touch!
    Submitted by:

    Karen Anderson-Archer M.Ed.
    Leading and Lighting the Way – 8th Grade Social Studies @ Georgia on My Mind

    When children learn how to learn, they are no longer narrow minded.
    The mind now becomes not a vessel waiting to be filled, but rather a fire that has become ignited.

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