She Looks So Perfect EP

Posted: April 7, 2014 by Shelby B in Blog, Music, Review

It’s really amazing that I haven’t done a 5 Seconds of Summer post before considering they are one of my favorite bands ever. Best of all their second EP, She Looks So Perfect, just came out in America two days ago!  So let’s have a track-by-track look…


1. She Looks So Perfect- Not only is this the title track for the EP it was also the first sing to be released.  I still remember how mature and professional it sounded to me. It was their first song that sounded like a real band with a label and everything to me, not just four guys on youtube.  The sound was heavier than most of their other songs and sounded very…put together to me.  Plus any song where the lyric video has to include lines of “HEEEEEEYYYY” is worth a listen.

2. Heartache On the Big Screen- Luke’s favorite song! This is, in my opinion the most punk song on the EP. It starts off right away with some very-classic guitar.   The entire song  is a huge metaphor for a bad romance being a bad movie which leads to some awesome lines such as “we’re stuck inside this scene” and “my script is ripped and now I see”

3. The Only Reason-My personal favorite! Micheal starts this song which is a huge deal! He is supposedly a guitarist, but has a  voice deeper than the Mariana Trench, not even kidding.  Plus the song has one of the best bass parts I’ve heard from them.  So anyways the song starts kinda slow and sad, but then BAM! guitar part kicks in and the tempo picks up.  The lyrics change from sounding like break-up-is-inevitable to I-could-never-leave-you.  The best part for me is right after the instrumental bridge  it’s goes all slow and acapllea and it pauses for a few seconds so you think it’s over, but the epic guitar comes back in!

4. What I Like About You- So the guys preformed this song as a cover, and then said they were going to record it and include it on their EP.  So I had pretty much been waiting for a non-crackly, non-screaming version of the song for ages! Of course it is a cover so I can’t really credit all of it back to 5SOS.  To be honest though before they covered it I thought it was an old 90’s song that was kinda cheesy.  But the guys made it awesome again!


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