Tips for Success in School

Posted: March 4, 2014 by Robert in Blog, Education, Informational, Just for Teens
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This is something I have thought about quite a bit recently, as many of my friends at school don’t know these, or chose not to know them. As such if you wish to, possibly, do better in school, here are some tips.

1) Study smart- this one should be obvious, as it is said quite a bit. This tip can be linked to one of my teacher’s favorite phrases, ‘Work smarter, not harder’ study the things you need to know, not what you see as obvious.

2) Ask for Help- If you don’t know something then ask about it. Many of my friends say, “Oh, I didn’t know the quadratic formula.” If you know that it exists, but don’t know it, ask, most teachers (or parents) are happy to help.

3) Take Responsibility- Don’t say “My teacher gave me an F on a test.” Your teacher didn’t give you that grade, you did it yourself. Finish work on time and well, then you will earn a better grade.

4) Try to be on time- Many schools have a tardy punishment system, it could mean ISS, OSS, or suspension/expulsion from school. Even without that, People who arrive on time will end up learning more than those who don’t.

5) Don’t let yourself fail- Those who think “I will fail science this semester even if I try.” are even more likely to fail than those who think “If I work smart/hard, then I will pass.”

If you are struggling (in any grade or class) then use these tips to pass, and push those grade back into passing ranges.


MGT Teen Contributor

  1. Mitzi Gibson Denny says:

    very cool read… and very cool kid that wrote it…. awesome

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