Hockey and the GLADS

Posted: February 25, 2014 by Teen Contributor in Blog, Just for Teens, Local
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ice_hockey_-_player_9by Dustyn

I love hockey. I am a designated goalie and love it. Its very difficult and I catch a lot of slack when we have our off days but its not just me that lets the puck go through.

In a game we have several things going on. When my defense isn’t there that doesn’t help me I wear out fast!! If I am being shot on 32 times during a rec league then defense isn’t in full force. I am not blaming my team mates I am saying we are a machine and if that machine breaks down it affects all of us.

When my team mates are blocking my view I cannot see the puck and that is where communication comes in.
As a team we have to talk and we have to discuss at all times and be aware of positions and where the puck is, and I have to see to be able to stop it. Goalie, its a hard job and I respect all the Goalie’s in the sport and love watching them when I am at Gladiator games.

I learn so much from just watching how they position themselves and how they approach different situations.
My family supports PBC Hockey all the way! Its located in Pinckneyville and its an awesome rec league.
We also support the Gladiators and go any time we can. We also have cool friends and family members who know we love it and they share tickets with us, which is really cool.

I have two very supportive coaches. My head coach who is like my second Dad (Dennis Tracey) and my Dad. I also have some really good friends on my team and that makes it a win win. I would love one day to play with the Gladiators or go to semi pro league. That would be very cool. My martial arts helps me with my quickness and my ability to go down into half splits, so both are complimenting each other, Choi Kwang Do and Hockey.

hard work + determination= success

That is what my mom tells us all the time.
So if I want to be a pro athlete I have to work really hard and not give up.

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