Music: All Time Low

Posted: February 14, 2014 by Shelby B in Music
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Since I’ve started writing another book (yessss!) I’ve been in a serious need for some new music to get inspired with.  Thankfully I think I’ve found it.  I’m pretty sure I found emo pop as a genre from the combination of scoping out the band shirts people wear at my school and Songza my all-time favorite music app.  I now describe it to anyone who will listen as a happier and a little more guitar focused version of rock.  In the original playlist I found All Time Low was listed as one of the artists and I’m pretty sure was one of the very first songs to come on.  I quickly understood their awesomeness and set up a radio station for them on Pandora.  Now I’m pretty sure I’ve moved into the genuine-love-for-this phase. All Time Low was formed in 2003 so I have some serious album catch-up to do, but that makes it better.  They already have a million songs out and an awesome fan base on Tumblr formed.  It’s filled with guitar and drum, but has lyrics that give you more of a confidence boost to dance around your room, then make you want to put on a pound of eyeliner.  It’s more of the lighter side of rock, so even if you don’t think you’ll like it, you will.

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