Anime Review: Uta no prince-sama

Posted: February 6, 2014 by rosie in Anime, Blog, Review

Okay, so as a follow-up to the Free!Iwatobi Swim Club review, I’m doing one for my favorite all-time anime. Uta no prince-sama! I’ll be explaining the character portrayal, the music and animation for this anime. All of which can be explained simply, but I am not one to do simple things. I think. Anyway! Review, begin!

First up – character portrayal. Now this is going to be hard for me to explain. Each character has a specific background to go along with them, and there are many characters to explain. My favorite characters are probably easy to pick out if I’m known well enough. But aside from that – the characters didn’t know each other at first – like in every anime. But what’s different about this one – it’s not exactly a romance anime. It’s focused on the boys – a group formed called STARISH. They, are the main characters. And the art for them is amazing, along with the personalities, and colors to go along with the group.

Next up – music. I did mention “Maji Love 2000%” which happens to be my favorite song from the anime, other than “Brand New Melody”. Now, being that you’re here reading this and not watching the anime, you probably just see names of songs. I can say that the music is very well composed, sang beautifully, and I can’t wish for anything better. The music in it is great, and there’s nothing more to that. It’s impressive, and I admire the people who sang and composed them – that’s how much I like it.

Last up – animation. The animation for this anime is PERFECT. I love the way the characters are drawn, the backgrounds, the housing, dorm rooms, and all other things of that sort. It’s all just done so well, I can’t really single out one thing that could either irritate me or intrigue me more than just watching it through all over again. I can recommend this anime, and I would say I never had any regrets watching it. So, if you would:

Go watch it!

“Brand New Melody”:

“Maji  Love 2000%”:

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