Anime and their Music

Posted: December 13, 2013 by rosie in Anime, Blog, Just for Teens, Music, Review

So I decided to jump on the gun and post something new. Anime in its own isn’t all that new [just ask others – that or you know it yourself!] but I decided to go on that form of it. My base topic is some anime and the music that plays in the anime itself. It could possible be battle music, the opening theme, the ending, or just some plain music that plays along with it! The first thing is up. The animes. So many to choose from, but yet, everyone has their favorites. Mine, specifically would be RWBY, Uta no prince-sama, Free! Iwatobi Swim Club and Attack on Titan.  Now, playing along the lines of those four anime, the music incorporated into them is so great. Starting with RWBY. RWBY was created by Monty Oum – a worker in RoosterTeeth.  My favorite song from how far I’m in [which trust me, I’m not that far in] has GOT to be the opening theme. “This Will Be The Day”, created by Jeff Williams (featuring Casey Lee Williams). It not only makes you think about the song, but it’s extremely catchy and I definitely love it. The next up, Uta no prince-sama. This has made it up into my all time favorite anime. Why? Because the character design, the songs, and the plotline is just so attracting to me.  It isn’t only an anime, but it is a game and a novel too. Confusing, right? The anime on it’s own is overall amazing. It’s about students in an academy training to be idols or composers. I don’t like to spoil things, so if you want to learn more, you’ll have to watch the first season! But the music IN Uta no prince-sama is effectively what took my heart. My favorite song has to be the ending song in the second season “Maji LOVE 2000%”. Even if I can’t understand it, the translations do help allot – and it not only makes the music better, but gives you an understanding of those songs.

Now for the next two.  Free! Iwatobi Swim Club now listen to me, it’s an odd anime. But being a female, I guess seeing male swimmers is attractive. It has good backstory and good plot-lines, even if it makes no sense at all at times. It’s extremely humorous to me. My favorite song here was chosen for me the second I started it. “Rage on!”  is the opening. Sure, it seems like it has nothing to do with the anime on it’s own, but it has it’s own backstory to it just as much as the others do. The song is not only catchy like the others, but it just pulls you along with it and it’s like a torrent of music. And last but not least. Attack on Titan. Now even though I don’t watch the anime [I read the manga – less bloody that way] I do listen to the music and WOW. That’s effectively what happened to me when I heard the music. It has so much feeling, and it intertwines with the story so well. I think I have many supporters on this decision, but “Guren no Yumiya”, the opening of Attack on Titan is one of the best pieces of music I’ve heard in a long time. It just takes your breath away and you sing along with it – you remember the lyrics almost instantly. It’s a Japanese song, like most of the other music I listen to.

These four animes have not only taken my heart, my soul, but have taken my ears to many many more levels. I wonder sometimes how long it has to take to produce things like this, and I know – a very, very long time to create. I’ll never forget them – and I’m more than likely to go back and read/watch/play them again soon.

“This Will Be The Day”:

“Maji LOVE 2000%”:

“Rage on!”:

“Guren no Yumiya”:

  1. Mitzi Gibson Denny says:

    This was very cool I really enjoyed two of the theme songs and especially the one Rage On.

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