Loss of a Loved One

Posted: December 9, 2013 by Teen Contributor in Blog, For Parents, Just for Teens
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angelwflowerBy Dustyn

I watched my mom take care of my Grammie. She was terminal and sent home to be with loved ones.

My mom was very strong through it all. She had moments of crying and then at night late she would mourn the loss of her mom. ( it was coming just didn’t know when. She passed 1210am in wee morning hours after Thanksgiving.) My mom told her its ok to go. She didn’t want her to try to hold on for any one and that the only one she would give her up for was Jesus any way. She told her she loved her and brushed her hair.

This is my first death. My first dead body and my first experience around some one dying. It was hard to watch her go down hill but mom and Grammie were still laughing and being silly even when she was in a lot of pain. Mom would give her water and wash her up when she needed it.

I know it was tough on her.

I kept going into the room just holding Grammies’ hand and then telling her I love her.

When the time came to say our final good byes to her after she passed, it was very very very hard.

I told mom that “This is soooo not cool mom, so not cool.” I just kept telling her that for about two minutes. I did cry a little but not much.

I have always loved her and she was a crazy, fun, strong woman and with so much love for every one.
Her two rules in the house were 1. have fun 2. show respect.

I will really miss her but I still have my Grandpa to lean on and to talk to and he was a super hero through it all to.

Death is hard, painful. I will be forever changed by this but in a good way. I know my Grammie is with Jesus and that helps.

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