Peachtree-Pine Homeless Shelter in Atlanta

Posted: October 24, 2013 by Teen Contributor in Blog, Community Service, For Parents, Just for Teens, Local, Tween
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Peachtree-Pine_homeless_shelter,_east_end_of_north_facade_on_Pine_StreetIn movies you see crazy things where homeless people are hurting other people to survive.

So that was all I knew of this kind of thing. I have a great Leader at youth church who assured me along with my mom that this was not the case here. (Ty Putnam is my great mentor, I have more than one so I am very lucky—at youth)

We prepared the trucks and loaded everything, excitement as well as my being nervous–but we rolled out and got there. As we unloaded we heard people yelling that food was here and some started to come up the hill to get to us.

We came with bottled water, and food sacks.

It was over whelming to find out there are over 600 homeless folks that come to this facility and seek refuge every night.

I got to meet a lot of very cool people some that even prayed for us and we were the ones giving. Some that were in need of clothing but appreciated the food. (my mom was so touched by this she started the drive for clothing and things for winter)

No one hurt us or fought for food they were so excited to see us. It was more of gladness, love and just over all thanksgiving. It was great going with my youth group as well as the Junior Pastor and his wife and my mom and Ty Putnam— when you have support you can do anything.

I cannot wait to go back again in November and I want to invite all of the teens to come to see and hear and experience. Its amazing!!! It will be the Monday before Thanksgiving.

If you want to make a donation to the Pine tree shelter…. check it out on google they are in need of money and physical donations.

This experience left me with such a respect for those with less than me and there is no more fear.

Big D


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