Review: Anime Weekend Atlanta

Posted: October 3, 2013 by rosie in Blog, Event, Local
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twiggySo over this past weekend I was able to go to the convention known as Anime Weekend Atlanta or simply AWA.  I’m at a loss of words when it comes to the cosplays and all the people you meet. I was asked for people to take pictures of me, and I asked for pictures as well. The kindness of some people was just plain amazing. They would engage in conversation, and they would happily answer questions that you might have. You would be complimented on your cosplay [even if it wasn’t as complicated as theirs was] and that’s just why I love the people. We went to panels as well, and the humor and jokes were just being tossed out everywhere. If I were told to choose just one thing I loved about it, I would probably just be a mess of naming all the things I liked. The people, the cosplays, the panels, and just the convention itself. If I were to say that I was a master at dressing, I would be lying. Most of those people there just  say they do it for fun, and they support their fandoms as they do so. I loved it so much, and I can say that it would get a 10000/10. I would definitely go back again next year, and in fact, we’re already planning to do so!

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