Review: CNN Center #GOCOWLS

Posted: September 26, 2013 by rosie in Activities, Blog, Local
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I went to the CNN center for a field trip for school. We took the tour, and were able to look around. We were able to play around on the green screen, and make ourselves invisible by using the invisible cloak. We walked around the area, and we were able to watch a live recording for the news anchor.  We got some of the basics on what they would do if they were outside and recording live, and how they would holster the camera to their chest. We were able to see the main room, with the group of people. We were told they could fit at least 300 people in there if there was breaking news, and that the room would be like a sea of people. Overall it was a good trip, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I would probably decrease the price slightly, but other than that it was worth it. I would give the tour a 9/10.

  1. Mitzi Gibson Denny says:

    very cool!!

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