That One Song

Posted: September 23, 2013 by Shelby B in Blog, Music, Review
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Every so often just when I think I’ve got someone’s sound figured out there is always that one song that will totally contradict the genre I thought they were in. I honestly think they put songs like those on albums just to throw me off, or maybe it’s the artist “experimenting” or whatever. Either way they always make a song that sounds nothing like the rest of their music.  Most of the time it really doesn’t work to me, but sometimes it is a good thing and it can almost make you believe they could change their genre and pull it off.

I think one of the best examples of that song being way off from their other music, but being amazing is Ed Sheeran’s “You Need Me, I Don’t Need You”.  In general Ed has an awesome singer-songwriter feel with a lot of guitar and really clever lyrics that it takes listening to the song for the hundredth time to really understand.  As far as the lyrics go “You Need Me, I Don’t Need You” is still pretty epic.  But the entire song is a fast paced rap. You wouldn’t think Ed Sheeran could rap at all after one good listen to a song like Firefly, but once you hear him rapping it’s like your entire view on him can change. The American Author’s song “Hit It” is very similar.  Both Ed and the Authors have very singer songwriter moods to their songs, but while “Hit It” is the only indie rock sounding sound they have they can amazingly pull it off.

Then there is the category of songs that kind of sound like a branch of their genre so you could guess it was them if you had to. But they can still be awesome.  “Tell Me A Lie” by my boys, One Direction fits here pretty well. It has a lot of rock influences(even an entire guitar bridge) so it sounds just a little out of place, but still enough like them. Austin Mahone’s “Loving You Is Easy” really sounds like an EDM mix more than a poppy teen idol which makes him even more epic.

So while that one song can really not work there are some occurrences where is can give you a glimpse into a world where your favorite artist has a totally different sound and it works.  Until next time I give you one of the best that-one-songs ever.  “Live A Little” By Florrie. Enjoy my lovelies.

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