I Know I Don’t Usually Do This But……This Is Us

Posted: September 5, 2013 by Shelby B in Blog, Just for Teens, Movies, Review
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I know I usually do music posts, but this is kind of music related. Here’s the thing: ONE DIRECTION.  Now if you thought I was some kind of cool hipster-listens-to-indie-and-drinks-Starbucks kind of person you are very wrong.  I am a totally crazed, obsessed, and nuts One Direction fan and since I just saw This Is Us for the second time I thought it was a good time to go ahead and get some stuff out there.

I first heard of One Direction a drive home from a dance lesson.  So flashback to 2011 for a second to when What Makes You Beautiful had just hit America.  The ride home from the dance studio to my house is only like 20 minutes long, but What Makes You Beautiful came on the radio not one, not two, but three times.  I still remember walking in the door of my house singing the lyrics as loud as I could and already having decided that this new boy band was worth googling.  Flash forward to now where I, my room, and everything I own is covered in One Direction. I have 3 Harry Styles dolls, A Harry teddy bear, a harry mini figure, a calendar, 3 rolls of duct tape, 6 posters, over 20 magazines they were on the cover of, easily ten bracelets, two necklaces, every kind of school supplies, and of course a What Makes You Beautiful T-Shirt. Plus all of the stuff I didn’t count for your sake. I think I have made my point that they ave taken over my life.

But here’s the best part: I don’t care.  No matter how many times people will tell me how much they suck, or how gay they are I still remain loyal and show up to school with my Harry Styles binder in hand. I only need to think of all the positive things they bring to my life.  One of my favorite parts of the Directioner fandom is how all of us are united and not afraid to run up to someone if we think they might be one of us. Even at the movie tonight I made two best friends when two girls came up to me in the line for popcorn and asked if they could hug a fellow Directioner.  That’s the kind of people I really want to be friends with.  They had no idea who I was, but that didn’t matter because I was wearing a One Direction shirt. I sat with them in the theater and we cried together, sang together, and danced together. I love that.

Secondly they save lives.  One of the coolest parts of the movie is when they go around the world and asks fans why they love the boys.  Everyone says how when they are sad the boys make them feel better or how they know they love them no matter what. That genuine feeling of happiness you get from knowing they love you and you’re important to them is amazing.  As one girl put it, they say the things we want to hear that no other boys will say to us.

The fact that they are some pretty good-looking guys does need to be mentioned.  I will never get over the people who say they are ugly.  Right, cause the MTV hottest award means nothing and so does that Male Hottie award that Harry won, yeah. In all honesty though their looks are something that I wish people could forget for a little bit, underneath it they are the most caring and amazing boys I know of.  It really shows through when they try to stay with the fans and keep signing things and taking pictures, but security moves them along.  Those are the boys I really fell in love with.

Alright now for the movie review. So I’m super bias in this whole thing, but I’ll try to be fair here. Overall it’s a documentary style movie with hints of concert here and there.  The main point is really how much of a family they are and what they are really like deep down.  Also the boys say it’s kind of a big thank you to the fans for what we’ve done for them. Even if you walked in there without being a fan I still think you would walk out as one simply because of how real they are in the movie. All of the parts where they interview their parents or the boys themselves talking about how much their lives have changed can really get to you.  It is a tough life they are living and that is really shown in the movie in a very personal way. It’s hard not to at least feel some sympathy for Harry when he talks about hating the word famous.  The movie is really a mix of tear jerking harsh reality and majorly dance-able songs ALL IN 3D.

So yeah, maybe if you didn’t think much of One Direction now you’re going to give them a chance or if you do love them as much as I do you’re thinking “This girl knows what’s up!” or something in between.  Basically these five boys have changed my life. Until next time I leave you with an awesome quote from Mr. Zayn Malik: “Fans aren’t just fans, they’re family.”  Enjoy my lovelies.

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