Watching A Band: In This Case, HAIM

Posted: August 26, 2013 by Shelby B in Blog, Music, Review
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You know that awesome feeling you get when you find an amazing show on Netflix that already has 5 seasons loaded so you spend an entire Saturday watching 3 years worth of television? I get that same feeling with music a lot. There’s nothing like finding an artist or band that’s been out there for years and already has a million songs for you to soak up. Cue Fiona Apple for this one.  But there is also the total opposite experience which can be equally as awesome, finding a band that has just gotten started.  I love when I’ll find the Wikipedia page for a new band and they’ll only be a year old with three songs released. Recently this happened with my discovery of HAIM.  They came up on a playlist of indie pop songs from Songza and I fell in love in 2.5 seconds. They only have three songs out but their first album comes out September 27. I have a mental countdown going for this one. I like getting to watch a band grow and release new songs and see how they have changed.  HAIM is officially a rock group, but they really don’t sound anything like that at all. I’ve lately gotten into an indie pop mood so their sound reflects this new obsession of mine. Enjoy my lovelies


  1. Miami Swamp says:

    Haim is great, right

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