Music: Gin Wigmore

Posted: July 23, 2013 by Shelby B in Blog, Music, Review

As I said in my earlier post 99% of my favorite artists I find on the sidebar of Youtube.  One of the many examples of this is the lovely Gin Wigmore.  I love her for one reason: She is different.  She has a sound that can’t described by words. It sounds a little bit jazz and a little rock, if you can even imagine that. Certain songs even have a twist of country.  It’s so unlike the standard catchy-catchy pop that everyone knows the words to,  Most of all I love her voice.  It’s gravely, deep, and sweet all at the same time, so when you try to sing along to her songs it’s a real trick.  When I first found her I probably spent days trying to get my voice crackly like hers.  You can hear this in all of her songs, but my favorite example is in “Black Sheep”.  When she sings that chorus it’s all you can do to not sing along.  Here is a list pf my favorite Gin songs just to show you what I mean when I say she is a singer like no other!

1. Black Sheep

2. Man Like That ( it sounds like the 20′s jazz)

3.  Devil In Me ( a little more country)

4. Too Late For Lovers (sad but awesome)

5. Oh My (popish but with a twist)

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