Review: Skylanders Giants

Posted: July 18, 2013 by Teen Contributor in Blog, Review, Video Games

Submitted by: Dustyn

I received the game Skylanders Giants for my birthday and it was not at all what I expected. I totally thought it would be a lame game. Actually its quite interesting and very problem solving. The tutorial takes a little time. Each character takes on its own game and personality. Pretty cool. My brother and I played for hours after my party and really had a good time.

Once you get through the story line and the tutorial you really have an understanding of what is going on.  The other great thing is its a multi player game so that your siblings can jump in. (even parents)

I do have an issue with one of the figures but Activision assure that we will get a new one for free.
The other awesome thing about it is there is a help video on youtube that helps with some trouble shooting.  The only other down fall is the spiral characters will not interact with the giant characters.
I give Skylanders Giants a B++

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