Review: Mortal Combat (XBox)

Posted: July 16, 2013 by Teen Contributor in Blog, Review, Video Games

Submitted by: Dustyn

Actually this game was bought for my mom and dad to play but since they hadnt played it yet I wanted to see what it was all about.

My mom loves Martial Arts and had played this as a younger person with dad so they were kinda Geeky over playing it. They loved it but the one thing that turned them off was the gore factor. Even though it wasnt as bad as others I have seen its just not cool when your trying to focus on the actual movement of the character. Each character kinda brings a grrr to the game and the movements are really awesome. They even have Van Dame movements which is pretty cool. It is not at all a dwerpy game.
Its very challenging and very well done and I really really enjoyed the tutorial because with out it youd be floundering and lost in the game.
I think it rocks and cant wait to play it again with mom. I guess you never really grow up when your an arcade kid.
Mortal Combat gets an A-

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