Music: The Plasticines

Posted: June 28, 2013 by Ashley in Blog, Just for Teens, Music
from Shelby
A while back I had a pen pal from Switzerland.  She was a pretty cool girl and I really liked writing to her.  Even though we aren’t pen pals anymore, I still am happy to have known her for two reasons: she was a really nice person to talk to, and secondly she told me about the Plastiscines.  They came up in one of our very first emails.  We were still at the point where each email was really a list of what kind of things we liked and since we both had an extreme love for music we were writing about out favorite artists.  At that time I had no interest in foreign music of any kind, so a French girl rock band wasn’t something I thought I would like.  Even though I was sure that I wasn’t going to understand a word of it and I was pretty confident that the only music I liked was the Top 40’s pop, I looked them up.  The very first song I heard was “Barcelona”.  I was happy to find out that the entire song was in English and that it wasn’t just screaming like I expected all rock music to be.  Instead they had a garage rock sound like they were just a group of girls who came to together because they like guitars.  They had enough of a pop sound in that first song that I thought they might be okay.  Soon enough I branched out into some of their other songs like, “Pas Avec Toi” one completely in French yet I still memorized it,  “Another Kiss”  an English one that I loved playing air guitar to, and even one called “Loser”.  They had a perfect balance of rock and pop so they didn’t sound too edgy for me at the time, but still not like anything I’d heard on the radio.  I loved that when I listened to one of their songs I could feel much more cool and rebellious, which are some qualities am I lacking. Soon enough I had a Pandora station for them and a craving to learn French.
One of my favorite things was how little known they were in the U.S..  I was the only person I knew who knew who they were, let alone loved them. They taught me that it was okay to veer off the radios that played the same 10 songs in a different order every hour.  They were the first of many artists that I hadn’t heard of until they were on the side of Youtube as a suggestion. And they certainly won’t be the last.
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