Getting Ready for High School – What are Carnegie Units?

Posted: May 29, 2013 by Ashley in Blog, Education, School

So, you’re getting ready for High School (or are perhaps already there) and don’t really understand what a Carnegie unit is.  Effectively it’s a point system where you have to earn a specified amount by taking classes as part of the requirements to graduate.  Most students don’t start earning these until they are actually in high school when they take their first set of required courses.  It is possible, though, that you can begin earning them in middle school.

MC900216568In Gwinnett county, there are 5 courses a student can take as an 8th grader that have the potential to earn these units.  Be careful, though, as the grade you make in that course can carry over in to your high school GPA.  As an 8th grader, though, you do have the option to decline the Carnegie unit.  It won’t kill any chances you have when earning those credits in high school.   It will make sure your grade stays as a middle school grade.   The advantage to earning units in middle school is to get a jump start on your high school graduation requirements.

So, a Carnegie unit is a point that you earn when you pass a class successfully.  To find out how many are required, check with your county school board.  They are generally posted to their web site.  In Gwinnett county, you can find the graduation/promotion requirements here.

  1. Mitzi Gibson Denny says:

    Just studied all of this last week. Was pretty interesting its been around so long and I have never heard of it. Or should say called that before. In school it was just credits… The school called for me to say yes to one for Dustyn and I was totally baffled. I didnt even know he was taking high school courses till last week of school . Was never mentioned till then. I do think the process is good but on the other hand they need to inform the parents that the kids are in 8th grade but taking a higher course. 🙂

  2. Mitzi Gibson Denny says:

    We are not keeping his credit…. as I do not want a D to carry over to High school…If it was better yes…:)

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