Totally different music #MoodyBlues #HarpTwins

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Where to get your #KPop fix

Posted: February 22, 2017 by Ashley in Blog

So I thought I’d share with you where you can go to get your CDs and other goodies.  KPop Music Depot in Suwanee.  They carry the most popular groups.  If you have a special request, she will do what she can to get what you’re looking for.  They also carry KDrama DVDs and movies in Korean.

If you like surprise goodies, I’ve had a subscription to Korea Box for a while now as well.  It’s a monthly subscription box.  If you want KPOP, you can specify groups you prefer.   They have different packages as well, snacks and others.

Note: I do not receive anything for endorsing either of these.  I’m just sharing where you can look to find KPop goodies.

24K is a gold #KPop group #24K #24U

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If you like female singers #KPOP #아이

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